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Continuing Education

All active members must fulfill annual continuing education requirements in order to maintain their membership status. Continuing education is a critical means of ensuring that the public has access to high quality homeopathic practitioners. Non-homeopathic continuing education training (i.e. nutrition and other complementary healing modalities) can be submitted as CEU credits.  The NUPATH Board reserves the right to require a member to submit a report outlining the course content and how it relates to their practice.

All active members must sign a form with their annual renewal application indicating what they have undertaken to complete the requirements for continuing education.

Continuing education requirements, 25 hours (related to homeopathic medicine), such as:

Attendance at annual conference

15 hours
Attendance at AGM
3 hours
Publication of book review (minimum of 500 words)
5 hours
Publication of clinical case study (min. 500 words)
5 hours
Publication of article on philosophy and principles
5 hours
Presentation at a conference (min. 30 minutes)
3 hours
Presentation to community groups, etc.
3 hours
Volunteer work on behalf of NUPATH (maximum 5 hours)
(as determined)


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