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NUPATH Draft Statement on Standards/Regulation

Standards deals with the training and manner of practice of members.

Regulation deals with the issue of enforcement of standards through the power of government.

Statement #1

NUPATH is committed to the highest standards possible for its members taking into account the prevailing state of homeopathic education and availability of the time.

NUPATH is committed to increasing standards over time in line with emerging international standards guidelines.

Statement #2

NUPATH supports high standards of training for all active members.

NUPATH supports the freedom of its members to practice homeopathy in the manner they determine is appropriate to the particular case at hand in the light of their training, recognising that there are no hard and fast rules for determining the simillimum and that intelligent, controlled clinical experience is the key to homeopathy's further development and understanding.

Statement #3

NUPATH supports the assessment of its members against the Code of Ethics.

NUPATH supports the freedom of practice and access to health care with a monopoly to none, and government intervention only to protect the public from the risk of significant harm. In this regard, NUPATH further supports the adoption by all provinces in Canada of the model for health-care freedom currently in force in Ontario.

Statement #4

NUPATH supports the accreditation of homeopathic colleges in Canada and internationally and their respective programs/diplomas/certificates as meeting the high standards of training and will accept as members graduates of those colleges upon application.

Statement #5

NUPATH supports the principle of grandfathering of existing members each time the standards are increased, recognising the significant value of experience in their case, but encourages them to improve their qualifications and to this end will work with existing colleges to offer continuing education courses.

NUPATH supports in principle the requirement to have a minimum number of hours per year of continuing education credit, which includes attendance at seminars/conferences.



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