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The National United Professional Association of Trained Homeopaths (Canada)

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NUPATH is proud to present the Cuban Carlos J. Finlay Institute
and Basil Ziv, Registrar of the Ontario College of Homeopaths, for the 2009 conference!

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October 24-25, 2009

Crowne Plaza Hotel - Toronto Airport

Sneak Peak:

This year's conference is going to be so amazing that we are inviting not just NUPATH members and the Canadian homeopathic community, but alerting all homeopathic media in North America, all public health units and alternative health media in Canada and local mainstream media.

Dr. Gustavo Bracho of the Carlos J. Finlay Institute in Cuba, which administers public health programs for the Cuban government, will present the results of what was possibly the most striking research/prophylactic program in homeopathic history.

In August 2007, frustrated by the ineffectiveness and cost of vaccination programs -- its traditional mission -- against leptospirosis, an endemic/epidemic bacterial disease which regularly claimed Cuban lives during hurricane season, doctors of the Institute instead decided to try two doses of the disease nosode at the 200th potency, two weeks apart, on 2.5 million citizens of two provinces of Cuba. Rather than vaccinating that portion of the population that is susceptible (children, pregnant women and the elderly) for about $3 million US, they gave the nosode to everyone at the cost of about $200,000.

The results were astonishing. Within two weeks, the number of leptospirosis cases had dropped to near zero rather than the usual several thousand. Deaths dropped to zero. They did it again in 2008, with similar results.

Doctors of the Institute have presented these outcomes in Havana in 2008 (see eyewitness account here) but never in North America... UNTIL NOW. They will explain the procedure and show us the amazing graphs that plot this life-saving homeopathic preventative treatment at NUPATH'S 2009 Conference.

Also presenting will be Basil Ziv, the Registrar of the Ontario College of Homeopaths. A long-time teacher of homeopathy, Basil has already been at work since June 2009 getting oriented on the procedure of setting up a regulated profession. He will be our opening presenter, speaking on what we need to know currently about regulation and answering questions.

Judyann McNamara, founder of the Montreal Institute for Classical Homeopathy, to do a day-long presentation: Homeopathy: The Medicine for the Third Millennium. Judyann, a homeopath and physicist about whom you can read more here, will give a multi-media, interactive presentation on how the current evolution of scientific understanding can be applied to your practice, using innovative techniques such as holographic case-taking and quantum biology.

We have also added homeopath, researcher and writer Carla Marcelis to speak on the use of homeopathy against epidemics - a particularly relevant topic as we head into flu, and possibly swine flu, season. More details to come.

Sue Seguin will speak on the application of Homeopathy in recovery from illness associated with gluten intolerance. This presentation will focus on Sue's clinical experience over the last thirteen years, treating hundreds of clients whose cases include gluten intolerance homeopathically.

She will include clear definitions for appropriate differentiation of terms such as 'gluten intolerance' and 'celiac disease', and provide insights into diagnostics. She will also share an extensive list of the symptoms now linked to food intolerances in general, and an update on statistics current for 2009 on occurrence and demographics.

Sue will offer notes from two cases of high-level recovery from gluten intolerance, describing the full protocols for physical, mental, and emotional healing, and the methods required for maintenance of health in following up with these cases. There will be 15 minutes allocated for questions.

The conference will include the NUPATH Annual General Meeting, so please attend to have your say.

The conference will start at about 9 a.m. Saturday October 24 as usual, and run until late Sunday afternoon. It will take place at the same hotel as last year plus complimentary shuttle service from the airport and free wireless Internet. For more hotel information see the hotel's website here. To book a room call 1 877 660 8550 and mention that it's for the NUPATH conference.

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