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This is a site designed to create public awareness about homeopathic medicine and to service its member practitioners with updated industry news and regulation information, while providing helpful practice resources.

NUPATH is the largest and oldest national professional association for homeopaths in Canada. Homeopathy (after 200 years!) is riding the wave of increased public acceptance, and demand for alternative and complementary medicine. While homeopathy is legal in Ontario, and there are many practitioners in other provinces, there was no national standards-setting body until NUPATH was established in 1993 to this end.

The public demands and deserves high standards of education and practice in their health-care professionals. NUPATH works to ensure that professional homeopaths are of the highest quality and integrity possible and is also helping to advance public access to quality health care that includes homeopathic medicine.

Practitioner (Active) Members of NUPATH, having met or exceeded the standards set for homeopathic education and training, are entitled to use the designation (RHom.).

NUPATH is working toward:

  • Federal and provincial government initiatives involving homeopathy
  • The establishment of high commonly recognized standards of ethics, education and training
  • Promotion and defense of professional interests
  • Promotion of homeopathy within Canada, including a professional directory in print and online
  • Cooperation with other health-care professions